iRobot Roomba i6+ (6550) Robot Vacuum with Automatic Dirt Disposal Review 2021

irobot roomba i6+ robot vacuum with automatic dirt disposal

If you’ve got the cash to spend and want a very good robot vacuum, your best choice might be the Roomba i6+ 6550. It’ll be particularly worthwhile in a big house with lots of hairy pets. The i6+ presents an exclusive Imprint Smart Mapping update, offering you the same features and experiences as the Roomba i7+. Roomba i6+ learns to clean and schedule your home by room, unleashing strong cleaning when, where, and how to attack messes at the moment.

On hard floors, its performance was as good or better than the Roomba 980 turbo power again picking up all the debris in the test by the end of its run. The edge cleaning wasn’t that great, don’t get me wrong it’s as good or better than the previous versions but it’s likely to miss some spots when it comes to edges and corners.

irobot roomba i6+ robot vacuum with automatic dirt disposal

iRobot Roomba i6+ Robot Vacuum is very strong on navigation, customization, and design. Some weaknesses with wires, and light, wobbly furniture, and deep pile rugs, but app programming allows for avoidance of problem areas.

Roomba i6+ does a decent job of collecting dirt and dust and from most areas of our living space but is too wide to fit in small, tight areas. The companion tower provides recharging and extra dirt collection. It performs best on hardwood and tile and slows on carpeted areas.

The battery charge lasts about 1-1,5 hours. And your space is mapped out by Roomba first, and you can customize and specify which areas you’d like to have cleaned. It is a little loud as all vacuums are, and it takes longer to do its job than a human being. Still, it’s a nifty gadget to have around, especially if you are not inclined to do much vacuuming. The software and sensors make for a smart combination, but you should still pick up junk, paper, tie up wires, and move wobbly decorations off light tables ahead of your Roomba doing its duties.


  • The new i6+ with an empty bin just changed the game entirely. No more human intervention on cleaning.
  • No more hair tangled around the cleaning rollers.
  • Less noise than the Roomba 600.
  • Intelligent cleaning with mapping make cleaning passes quicker.
  • Able the teamwork with Braava m6.


  • Sometimes it misses cleaning spots, the old Roomba doesn’t miss if let running for awhile.
  • The suction power is a bit low, the filter seems to be restrictive.
  • Corner brush still tangles hairs, normal because of the same design but works well.

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When I run test Roomba i6+ in the kitchen and entryway on the carpet and the wood floor. I spread around some salt, sugar, Parmesan cheese, and Italian spices on the floor with some carrot shavings, candy, and other small bits of junk. The Roomba almost completely, 98% picked up the small objects. It missed some portion of the tiny particles.

It took about 3 runs before Roomba i6+ mapped the house. Once that was completed, you can set up rooms and zones on the app. It navigates well around furniture well and even cleans under the bed. Now my floors are always clean. Picks up hair and pet hair. Best to pick up items beforehand.

What is the difference between Roomba i6+ and i7+?

What is the difference between Roomba i6+ and i7+

The difference between the i7+ and i6+ is just that the i7+ comes with an extra side brush and filter and two extra clean base bags. They both have room select and keep out zones. Also, the + doesn’t mean whole-home navigation, it means that it will come with a clean base.

Bottom line, the i6+ has all the same features as the i7+, except that it can’t map a room. The only thing “smart” about the i6+ is that you can integrate it with your smart home, but there are much cheaper Roombas that have this feature. The only difference is that the i6+ comes with the Automatic dirt disposal feature offered by the i7+ and i9+. But without the SmartMaps feature, it just cleans the entire floor until it decides it’s done, and it wanders around forever until it can find ‘home’.

Beyond that, the Roomba i7+ and i6+ are identical in terms of specs, performance, features, software, hardware, and functionality.


The Roomba i6+ is a smart robot with outstanding efficiency and notable specs for cleaning. While it lacks the physical boundaries such as the i7+ model, it has zoned cleaning and the ability to create digital “keep-out zones” for more personalized cleaning.

Thanks to the Recharge & Resume feature, a self-emptying dust bin, and washable filters, it has extended run time. The Roomba i6+ is a good contender for an autonomous robot vacuum that you don’t have babysitting.

A completely genius robot vacuum cleaner is the iRobot Roomba i6+. The Imprint Smart Mapping system is awesome, allowing you to schedule precise room cleaning, while the role of Automatic Dirt Disposal is wonderful – well when it works as it should.

The Roomba i6+ provides excellent cleaning capabilities, almost hassle-free usage, and setup, and some outstanding features such as dirt disposal and smart mapping that make it an absolute home dream addition.


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