How To Vacuum Car Detailing and Interiors (7 Step with Pictures)


If you own a vehicle, you will need to vacuum that vehicle, at some point or another. This process isn’t fun, but it needs to be done. An unclean interior can cause a car to be very unsightly. Just maintaining your cars interior can make your car come into view years newer.

In addition, a clean interior also creates a healthier environment while you drive, by preventive the amount of dust and pollen particles in the air. Therefore, it is important to learn how to vacuum a car.

With this in mind, you will desire to make sure that you vacuum your car in the most efficient way possible. This will help you save a wonderful amount of time and potentially even money on electricity costs. Within this guide, you will find the top 7 step by steps on How to vacuum a car perfectly.

How To Vacuum Your Car Like a Pro Step By Step


Step 1: Select an appropriate vacuum cleaner for cars

  • The car vacuum cleaner should include several attachments to reach all areas of your car’s interior. These should comprise wide, narrow and soft brush attachments.
  • Consider a handheld vacuum because of its compact size. These vacuums are simply carried to and from or stored in the vehicle.
  • Use a cordless vacuum cleaner if you do not have convenient access to a power outlet.

Step 2: Removing Floor Mats while vacuuming the cars


Beginning as well as the first step of the car cleaning process is to remove all of the trash from the vehicle. Put the debris in a bag and then remove the floor mats.

Once you have the floor mats removed, you should hang them up on a clothesline and beat them through a broom. This will break loose the dirt and debris that is remaining in the carpet fiber.

If your floor mats are marked, you should consider shampooing them. You can use a carpet cleaner and rigid brush for this process.

Spray on the cleaner and allow it set about 10-15 minutes prior to washing it with the brush. Wash the mat until all of the stains are removed and then rinse it with water.

Many cleansers do not need a wash, so needed to be sure to read the product’s label thoroughly, before using it. Hang the mat back up and let it dry completely. Once they are dry, then you can go ahead and vacuum them to remove any remaining dust or debris.

Just like your living room rug, your car’s carpeting needs a thorough vacuuming now and then.

Step 3: With and Without Attachments

Just after you’ve gotten everything out of the vehicle, you will desire to start vacuuming the car. First, you should start without any attachments. Make sure that you go over everything thoroughly and acquire everything that you can.

Once you’ve made it to the section, where your seat meets the back, you should switch to a narrow attachment. This will allow you to reach this area and take away all of the dirt and debris that is fixed there.

Step 4: Brush the Carpet between the Car Seats and the Console


It might look pretty clean to you while once you’ve run the vacuum through the carpet. The substance that you might be missing is that most of the dirt in carpets gets trapped in the fibers.

You can use a fine brass brush and try to brush the dirt out of the carpet. Your strong arms might come in handy here. Once plenty of dirt comes out on top, run the car vacuum once again and obtain a neat and clean carpet.

Step 5: The Boot Area

Earlier than vacuuming the boot, you will also require removing any items and mats. The easiest and quickest way to clean the boot is by employing a wide attachment.

This will provide the ability to remove all of the dirt particles that are hiding in there. Be sure to vacuum and clean all of the mats thoroughly, before returning them to the case!

Step 6: Eliminate unpleasant Carpet Odors

  • Sprinkle carpet freshener or baking soda onto the clean carpet to remove sour smells.
  • Allow the powder to sit for quite a few minutes.
  • Vacuum the carpet once again to take away the powder.

Step 7: Check the Carpet for Stains and Heavily Soiled Areas

  • Follow the directions on the container for the amount of cleaner to use and the length of time that it should remain on the carpet.
  • Spray a carpet or upholstery cleaner on these areas.
  • Try to vacuum the area once again to remove the cleaner from the carpet. Repeat if needed.

Tip for cleaning your car perfect is investing in a handheld vacuum made for cars because it will provide the attachments you need to get into all the nooks and crannies. While I’m not saying it is necessary, my recommendation is to purchase a vacuum specifically for cleaning your car.

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