The 8 Best Vacuums For High-Pile Carpet (2020) Our Reviews


For deep clean high pile carpet presents a challenge to the average vacuum cleaner. Vacuums that work well on low and medium-pile carpets are hard to push on the high pile.

Worse, the carpet fibers might wrap about the roller brush and jam the machine. This can ruin your flooring and your vacuum. So if you’re planning to install plush, shag, frieze, or ultrasoft carpet, it’s time to upgrade your vacuum cleaner.

Fortunately, we found the list of best vacuums for the high pile carpet. They can handle pile over ½-inch long and clean the fiber all the way down to the backing.

What Is The Best Vacuum Cleaner for High Pile Carpet?

Soniclean Soft Carpet Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Our Top Picks: Soniclean Soft Carpet Upright Vacuum Cleaner

” It works on soft pile carpets. It just glides over my rugs. No hard pushing. Another excellent feature is the extra-long cord and also very light”

Soniclean’s upright vacuum is the preferred tool for cleaning plush carpet made by Mohawk. There are several reasons why this is the case.

For one thing, this vacuum has an adjustable vent system. Instead of becoming stuck to the carpet because of its powerful suction, the vent allows air to enter so that the vacuum can move freely.

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Next, the Soniclean upright cleans with sonic vibrations that loosen up grime from deep inside the fibers. And you can control the amount of suction it uses. Plus, its brush bristles are gentle on ultrasoft fibers whether they are natural or synthetic. And if there is ever a jam, the vacuum shuts down automatically.

Furthermore, the vacuum has large wheels to accommodate high pile and shag rugs. It comes with a 35-foot power cord for convenient access without searching for power outlets. And it’s covered by a 5-year warranty on the motor and a lifetime warranty on the belt.

Miele Grey Classic C1 Pure Suction Canister Vacuum Cleaner

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Miele Grey Classic C1 Pure Suction is a top of the line canister vacuum with their famed Electrobrush floorhead. But this particular attachment differs from the one that comes with other models. This floorhead cleans delicate carpets safely even when they have a high pile and long strands. A footswitch allows you to switch from hard floor to carpeting with ease.

The Combination Floorheadh has a manual height adjustment for five levels of cleaning power, from bare floors to shag. Also, you can remove it and replace it with the included Parquet Twister to clean tile, wood, or laminate flooring.

Kenmore Elite 81714 Pet Friendly Ultra Plush Lightweight Bagged Canister Vacuum

The Kenmore 81714 is a great choice if you have persons with allergies living in your home. It’s a bagged canister with a sealed HEPA filtration system and was designed to clean all areas and surfaces. And the filter is so good that the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America certified it.

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Unlike many floorheads on canister vacuums that are nearly impossible to move on super-plush carpets, the ultra-plush one on the 81714 is easy to push and pull. There are also three other attachments including a motorized one for picking up pet hair.

Oreck Commercial Upright Bagged Vacuum Cleaner

Oreck Commercial Upright Bagged Vacuum is very lightweight, and it glides over thick Mohawk Smartstrand carpet. It has the Carpet & Rug Institute Seal of Approval for safe and gentle cleaning of delicate surfaces. Furthermore, it has side brushes for cleaning along edges and large wheels for freedom of movement.

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Of course, it has a bagged HEPA filtration system. And like every Oreck vacuum, the Magnesium is protected by a 7-year warranty and comes with an offer for three yearly tune-ups.

Miele Dynamic U1 Powerline Upright Bagged Vacuum

Experienced cleaners know that Miele makes excellent vacuums. Dynamic U1 Powerline upright is ready to clean your shag and other surfaces around the house, too. It has adjustable suction and adjustable height to suit hardwood, low pile Berber, and high pile frieze. Just be careful with ultra-plush because the Electrobrush roller on the Dynamic U1 Power Lin is very powerful.

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There are many other features of this upright vacuum that are sure to please. For example, it has a 39-foot cord and a swivel neck for easy maneuverability. It also lays flat to clean underneath furniture. And it has a sealed HEPA filter system with a debris collection bag that retains 99.9% of the particles it captures.

Hoover T-Series WindTunnel Rewind Plus Bagless Corded Upright Vacuum UH70122PC

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Hoover T-Series WindTunnel upright is compatible with ultra-plush super-soft rugs and a smart choice for pet owners. Although it has very effective suction, it moves easily on high pile carpets. In fact, customers have reported shock over how much debris this vacuum pulls up from areas that were cleaned by a different vacuum in the past.

As for pet hair, the vacuum comes with a pet hair removal tool plus other accessories for cleaning all around the house. It has a 25-foot cord, and an LED headlight, plus indicators for when there’s a clog or the bag is full.

Eureka NEN110A Whirlwind Bagless Canister Vacuum Cleaner

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The Eureka NEN110A has three levels of height adjustment plus the ability to switch off the roller so that it can clean laminate, area rugs, and plush carpet, too. Even better, it has a self-cleaning system for the brush roll, too.

Like many vacuums made for high pile carpet, this one has a HEPA filter. But it’s a bagless system that’s easy to empty. It has a 16-foot reach, it’s lightweight and compact, and it includes a 1-year warranty.

iRobot Roomba s9+ (9550) Robot Vacuum For High Pile Carpet

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The roomba s9 on high profile carpeting, successful Vacuuming with improved navigation and cleaning!

So after the Roomba s9 has 3 successful cleaning runs and mapped out the house, the Roomba s9 was able to successfully navigate the high profile carpet area with out getting stuck.

Also there was a software update which made the Roomba s9 more persistent in trying to get itself unstuck with The Smart Imprint Mapping!

My home a mixture of hardwood floors, high and Medium to Low Profile Carpet. I have noticed the Roomba S9+ having the best pickup ability over all the robot vacuums I have tested and used, includes the Shark IQ, Roborock S5 / S6, Samsung Powerbot, Ozmo 950 and 960, LG CordZero R9 and 360 S6.

According to Modern Castle debris test, the Roomba S9+ scored 99% across all 3 floor types which included hardwood, low and High Profile carpet. The debris they used was sugar and cereal.

How Do You Maintain High Pile Carpet ?

Vacuuming a shag rug may be done once weekly or daily if the rug is placed in a high-traffic spot; otherwise, once a month will be enough.

Using the power brush head on the rug will subject unnecessary wear and tear on your rug. If you have a high pile carpet in your home, try using a wet/dry vacuum. Bigger, more powerful vacuum cleaners may possibly pull and damage the fibers.


The best vacuum cleaners for high pile carpets have characteristics like adjustable height, good venting, and the ability to turn off the brush roller if needed. Among them, you can find both canister and upright vacuums with accessories for cleaning all around the home.

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