What Is The Best Vacuum Cleaner For Carpet?


Do you want to find the best vacuum cleaner for carpet? First, let’s assume you want to vacuum for carpet and bare floors, stairs, and everything else. A Kenmore vacuum would do the job. It has attachments to clean other things besides carpeting. Canister vacuum cleaners, with power nozzles, also work well for this situation.

If you want to just vacuum for carpet and car detail, you could look Shark Rocket HV302. Do not expect the cheaper vacuums to be up to par with the more expensive, better-quality vacuums. You cannot expect the Bissell to last as long as a Dyson or Kenmore, for example.

Especially if you have kids or pets at home. The job gets more difficult if your home is carpeted and have rugs. With so many varieties and designs of best vacuum cleaners for carpet out there, the choice gets even more difficult. If you ower’s pet hair on carpet you can look at Dyson V6. We have a Dyson V6 in my apartment and purchased the newer V6 Absolute model for the house.

We have two dogs and nothing has picked up fur better. It also picks up the tiniest dust particles. We tested it on a rug that was cleaned with a Dirt Devil and was amazed at how much dirt was still being sucked up by the V6.

Along with the guide on how to choose the best vacuum for carpet for yourself, we will also review a few of the best vacuum cleaners out there.


Can Vacuuming Too Much Ruin Carpet?

The proper and regular use of your vacuum actually helps your carpet instead of bringing harm to it. It really is the single most important thing you can do to extend the life and improve the look of your carpet.

Although vacuum cleaners keep our carpets tidy, some people say that vacuum cleaners actually damage carpet fibers. This is because a rotating beater bar or brush pulls, stretches, and wears out carpet fibers. While this is true, dirt often has more of a wear-and-tear effect on carpet than most vacuum cleaners do.

The most harm you can bring to your carpet is to rarely and infrequently clean it. Unless you live in a home with as much foot traffic as an office building you really only need to be vacuuming about twice a week for high traffic areas like the entry, stairs, and hallway. Vacuum once weekly on all low traffic areas like the bedrooms.

Is Vacuuming Good for Carpet?

Overall, carpets sustain much less damage from regular vacuuming than they do from dirt left in the carpet. This is important to note as frequent vacuuming remains one of the best ways to keep your home clean.

If your vacuum cleaner has multiple settings that let you customize surfaces, you shouldn’t be vacuuming your carpet on the bare floor setting. For general carpet protection, run your vacuum over high-traffic areas of space.

Shark Navigator Lift-Away Pro NV356E

Shark Navigator Lift-Away Pro NV356E

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The Shark Navigator NV356E Lift-Away Professional Vacuum will be a great choice for your home with carpet, especially if you have pets around the house. It has a number of cool options and features that you will find really enjoyable while using it. The vacuum cleaner’s efficiency is also on point and will leave you with very ideal results for your home.

This Shark Navigator Lift-Away Pro is probably the best vacuum you can get for your money. It is very powerful, easy to use and maneuver, lightweight and easy to clean. This vacuum is awesome for cleaning pet hair on carpet.

It also can clean a bare floor better than a broom. I wanted a Dyson and have never regretted my purchase. As a matter of fact, this is my 2nd one only because I accidentally ran it over after vacuuming my car. It works better than the vacuums at the car wash. It has a great warranty for 5 years!

Bissell 9595A CleanView Bagless Vacuum with OnePass


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With suction was great, it was light, powerful, easy to clean when needed, and easy to empty and budget under $100. The Bissell Cleanview 9595 is an efficient vacuum for the right price. Works on laminate, low and high rugs/carpets, and on upholstery and picks up pet hair well.

When I received the vacuum and assembled it quickly. It was very easy. I plugged it in and went to work on the main traffic area is. It sucked so hard my carpet was lifting off the ground in the area right around the vacuum cleaner. You could feel the difference in the carpet that was vacuumed vs the part that wasn’t. It fluffed the carpet right up. The one complaint is the hose seems a bit short.

Soniclean Soft Carpet Upright Vacuum Cleaner-SFC-7000


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We just had a new Mohawk plush carpet installed in our condo and I purchased the Soniclean sfc-7000 and it is everything it’s advertised to be. It glides over the Mohawk plush carpet easily & the carpet looks great. The Soniclean has saved my aching backs.

A great light-weight vacuum that does the job on soft carpets. It can be used on carpet as well as on tile and hardwood. Simple to operate and use. The light scent that came with the vacuum is nice!

Soniclean SFC-7000 Soft Carpet Upright Vacuum. The Soniclean SFC-7000 is specifically designed for Soft carpet. Regular vacuums can get bogged down by super plush, soft carpets. One of the main reasons for this is that the suction of traditional vacuums makes it hard to move the vacuum. So, for regular vacuums, super-strong concentrated suction is great for regular carpets, but not so for softer carpets.

Soniclean has designed this vacuum with an Adjustable Vent System to make for much easier maneuvering on soft style carpeting.

In addition, Soniclean uses special soft nylon brush roll bristles which are gentle on plush soft style carpeting, and large front wheels which will allow the Soniclean SFC-7000 to “float” over soft carpeting. The Soniclean SFC-7000 is one of the recommended vacuums of soft carpet manufacturer Mohawk as well as other carpet manufacturers.

Shark Rocket HV302 – Best Shark Vacuum For Carpet

Shark Rocket Ultra-Light Corded Bagless Vacuum for Carpet and Hard Floor Cleaning

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Among the range of Shark Rocket Ultralight Upright vacuum cleaners, Shark Rocket HV302 seems to be the best one for carpet cleaning. This handheld corded vacuum cleaner has a power of about 500W.

The Shark Rocket HV302 user-friendly vacuum cleaner comes with an easy grip rubberized handle which helps in getting a good hold of the vacuum cleaner single-handedly.

Shark vacuum cleaners are known to be heavier in weight, but this vacuum cleaner is much lighter in comparison to others in the market.

The vacuum can be easily used by older people and children. The long cord helps in cleaning longer and deeper areas without much efforts of plugging in and plugging out. This vacuum cleaner doesn’t come up with suction.

Shark Rocket HV302 is designed such that the switch to brush roll is placed near the handle. This allows switching on and off the motorized cleaner easily and also helps in changing the speed of the motorized brush roll as and when required.

There are speed variations to the brush roll. This motorized brush roll is the main part which helps in cleaning the carpets and the rugs of dirt which have gone deep inside the fibers.

All the dirt gets collected in dirt cup. The dirt cup is a see-through plastic cup which enables one to check the dirt collected and clean the cup as and when required.

Shark Rocket Ultralight dust cup is easy to remove and empty. The cup doesn’t lose suction and works efficiently without taking into consideration the amount of dirt inside.

This upright vacuum cleaner can be made handheld with the help of the cleaning wand. The cleaning wand can be removed easily and can be used for cleaning of ceilings.

Another interesting feature of this vacuum cleaner is filters that are washable. But note that these are not HEPA (High-efficiency particulate air) grade filters and hence have to be used cautiously in and around people who are allergic to dust and have respiratory problems.

This vacuum cleaner also helps in saving storage space. It can be tuck on the walls along with its accessories bag. You can fix the place near the area of usage and can use it as frequently as you want as it is easily accessible.

Swivel steering helps you to take the vacuum cleaner to the most difficult corners also and helps in cleaning each and every corner of your space. This vacuum cleaner is economical and comes up with good quality.

Pros of Shark Rocket HV302:

  • Weight and Maneuverability: This lightweight model can reduce your burden of cleaning with the help of elderly and even kids. Because of its weight, it can be held on a wall along with its accessories bag
  • Long Cord: The long cord helps you take it to long distance.
  • Motorized brush roll: Its handle is provided for the switch of motorized brush roll

Cons of Shark Rocket HV302:

  • This vacuum cleaner is not provided with no suction. But still, the cleaner does its work effectively, as the dirt cap is not affected.
  • Although the filters are washable and seem to have a long life they are not HEPA filters. That means it can cause allergy for some people

Kenmore Elite 81714 Ultra Plush Canister Vacuum for Carpet

Kenmore Elite 81714 Pet Friendly Ultra Plush Lightweight Bagged Canister Vacuum with Pet PowerMate

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The Kenmore Elite 81714 Ultra Plush Canister vacuum cleaner is of particular importance in houses where we have pets as it comes with a motorized Pet PowerMate. This accessory, motorized Pet PowerMate helps in removal of pet dirt, debris, pet hair and cleanses your home to its best.

Kenmore Elite 81714 is provided with HEPA filters unlike most of the other filters which are available in the market. HEPA filters help in getting rid of allergen and irritants which can cause asthma and other respiratory problems.

It is especially useful in people prone to respiratory issues. Kenmore Elite 81714 Canister Vacuum allows you to take a healthy breath without the allergens.

The vacuum cleaner is designed such that the airflow is strong and consistent throughout the process. The double wall of the vacuum ensures the maintenance of strong airflow. The Ultra Plush nozzle helps in cleaning the carpets off the dirt and dust easily. The vacuum cleaner is provided with adjustable power and can be used according to the type of material or surface being cleaned. You can reduce the power for delicate carpets, furniture and so on.

Swivel and steering system helps in getting through each and every corner of the house, without you having to pull or drag it.

The vacuum cleaner has an easy grip and can be used for cleaning of even the staircase. The performance indicator shows the amount of dirt in the dirt cup and also any blockage can be seen easily.

Pros of Kenmore Elite 81714 Canister Vacuum:

  • Swivel and steering system provides easy movement
  • Easy to use
  • Variable power can be used for cleaning even delicate materials
  • Handle provides better grip
  • HEPA filters
  • Useful for cleaning pet debris

Cons of Kenmore Elite 81714 Canister Vacuum:

  • It is heavier in weight
  • Design may not be acceptable for all

Irobot Roomba 880 – Best robot vacuum for carpet

iRobot Roomba 880 Robot Vacuum

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Irobot is a well-known name in the market for providing robots that can be used for cleaning your homes. They utilize the knowledge of mechanical, electrical and software engineers to develop high products. One such addition to their range is Irobot Roomba 880 robot vacuum.

Irobot Roomba 880 vacuuming robot is the new technology cleaner which eases your pain to move around with the cleaner to any area and clean. The Roomba 880 vacuuming robot is designed such that with one press button and upon a schedule, it can go around and do the cleaning.

Its small size helps in cleaning of literally all the places including below your sofa, tables, beds, cupboards etc. Even the side walls and the corners can be cleaned easily with the help of Roomba 880 vacuuming robot. This vacuuming robot can be used to clean your home seven days a week.

It utilizes aero force cleaning system which increases the air power up to 5 times and hence removes the dirt efficiently. It comes with two virtual wall lighthouse devices. When activated, the Roomba cleans the room and in the guided mode it can clean up to three rooms at once.

Roomba 880 vacuuming robot has an aero force 3‐stage cleaning system and Gen 2 motor which removes debris and increases cleaning performance.

This vacuum cleaner requires less maintenance and the durable rubber thread helps in efficiently handling of tangles and helps in grabbing lots of dirt. This also helps in brush maintenance.

Irobot Roomba 880 vacuuming robot comes with four irobot xlife extended life battery. This battery has increased the working power of the vacuuming robot to twice.

Use the Roomba as per the instructions provided and it will not only increase its efficiency and lifespan but will also become cost-effective. There will be minimal wear and tear of the device.

This advanced system technology cleaner uses its optical and acoustic sensors. This sensor helps in detecting the amount of dirt, debris, dust and does the cleaning accordingly. It utilizes its dirt detect series II technology and will act on the area where dirt can be removed easily.

Irobot Roomba 880 robot vacuum is just 3.6 inches tall and easily moves underneath the furniture. Its small size also helps in cleaning of side walls and the corners.

This advance technology robotic vacuum cleaner is definitely the one you should have at your home, which brings you closer to the next generation cleaning process. Its small size and elegant look take a very small space in your closet.

Pros Irobot Roomba 880 robot vacuum:

  • It goes with the caption “Smart, simple and clean”
  • Low maintenance
  • It can clean the furniture including beds and sofa
  • It charges itself automatically
  • It can be scheduled at desired time intervals, you can also schedule it to seven times a week
  • Its mechanism to clean the floor or the surfaces is by agitation, brushing and suction. You can expect perfect cleaning even of the wall edges and the corners of the room

Cons Irobot Roomba 880 robot vacuum:

  • A little tricky to guide it with the mobile application
  • Can end up moving randomly during the cleaning process

Dyson V6 cord-free vacuum – Best Dyson Vacuum For Carpet

Are Dyson vacuums good on carpet?

Dyson V6 Cord-free Stick Vacuum Cleaner

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Here is the cordless vacuum cleaner from the manufacturer Dyson, who is known to produce quality products at economical prices.

This cordless device helps in easy carrying and cleaning of the surfaces. No cords mean one need not pull or drag the device to the required place, which helps save your energy and time to plug-in the device when cleaning. But make a note that the device is to be charged before you decide to clean.

The cleaning head of the device contains bristles made of stiff nylon which helps in easy removal of dirt which is embedded deep inside the fabrics of the carpet.

The carbon fiber filaments are used for cleaning the surface of naked floors. Hence this device finds its use in cleaning both the carpets and even the hard floors.

The cleaning head is covered with bristles all over its surface providing end to end cleaning. This device is small, light in weight and is powerful too, unlike the assumption that small device may not be powerful.

This motor uses digital pulse technology and a neodymium magnet. The motor speed is over hundred thousand spins per minute and is provided with Dyson digital motor.

Dyson V6 cord-free vacuum creates a powerful vacuum for cleaning. Dyson uses its patented cyclone technology for the cordless devices also. It produces 2 Tier Radial cyclones, up to 15 cyclones are produced which increases the flow of air and effectively captures the dust.

This technology combines the benefits of Dyson digital motor and nickel manganese cobalt battery. This helps in producing strong suction for the expulsion of dirt.

The device provides effective cleaning from the moment it started to the moment it stops. It doesn’t require any buffering time to become an effective vacuum cleaner.

As discussed, the motor starts its work immediately once switched on, you can expect the machine run for up to 20 minutes. The power of the battery is used only in the cleaning of surfaces and stays strong throughout the process.

You can turn-on max power mode which provides an extra 6 minutes of higher suction for stubborn areas.

This vacuum cleaner can be used for cleaning of floors, ceiling, walls, i.e. it covers the top, bottom, right and left surfaces. This lightweight device provides easy grip and can be held without many efforts.

This cordless device can be easily and hygienically emptied with just a simple press button. The bin gets emptied quickly. The bin has a capacity of 0.1 gal.

You can use this cordless device for spot cleaning and carry it to the most difficult areas also without many efforts. Keep the vacuum cleaner always charged so you can use it whenever required.

Pros of Dyson V6 cord-free vacuum:

  • This device has good suction power which remains uniform throughout the session
  • It can be used for cleaning of couches, sofa, upholstery, stairs.
  • Separable wand to convert the cordless device to handheld mode
  • It occupies less space so it can be easily adjusted for storage

Cons of Dyson V6 cord-free vacuum:

  • This vacuum can be used for cleaning of only small area and not the big ones
  • You need to charge the battery now and then, so you have to keep an eye on the charging status
  • Battery cannot be changed
  • It can give a run of about 20 minutes only in one session

Dyson V8 Absolute Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Dyson V8 Animal Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

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This version of cordless Dyson V8 series vacuum cleaner has better cleaning capacity in comparison to Dyson V6 series cord-free vacuum. The motorized cleaning brush has higher vibrating capacity than its previous version. It provides a speed of about 425 W and the advanced version of Dyson Digital Motor V8.

The stiff nylon bristles of Dyson V8 clean dirt, carpet pile, pet hair etc. The capacity of the motor is 1000 W more than the V6 series. It sucks up all the dirt easily and makes efficient cleaning.

It has the capacity to absorb even the larger dust particles. The mechanism of action of the dual fibers of nylon and carbon is anti-static and trapping.

This device can be easily converted to the handheld mode by just adding the accessory. It can be used for cleaning of furniture, pet carpets, household rugs, staircase, upholstery etc.

The device is designed such that the heavy components such as motor and battery are placed near the hand which makes us feel the weightlessness of the device. The positioning of battery and motor also helps in easy in the lifting of the device.

This cordless Dyson V8 device is easy to carry; it can be taken even outside to clean the footwells or the automobiles. The dirt collected in the vacuum can be removed hygienically without any physical touch by one simple press action.

Like the other cordless devices, it also utilizes 2 Tier Radial™ cyclones and whole machine filtration. It captures fine dust and allergens.

Dyson motor technology adds to the efficiency of the vacuum cleaner and helps in cleaning more efficiently. These vacuums are powered by Nickel-Cobalt-Aluminum batteries.

The motorized brush fits into the roller’s full width, which assures larger cleaning of the motor brush easily. you can read more compare Dyson V6 vs V8

Pros of Dyson V8 cord-free vacuum:

  • Allows cleaning for longer duration of time
  • It has larger cleaning surface area and can remove dirt of even larger sizes
  • It can be used for cleaning carpets, furniture, staircase etc.

Cons of Dyson V8 cord-free vacuum:

  • As with the V6 series, it takes a long time to clean large area and can be used for efficient cleaning of only small surfaces
  • It takes up to 5 hours to charge completely
  • Runtime is 40 minutes

Now that we have already reviewed few of the best vacuum cleaners for carpet available in the market, let’s quickly get on to the other important part of this article, the guide on buying the best vacuum for carpet.

Here, we will talk about the various aspects that you need to consider while choosing the vacuum cleaner for your home based on your needs.

Guide to Buy the Best Vacuum for Carpet

Cleaning is a process that has to be done on daily basis to keep your home neat and tidy. What another way than having a vacuum cleaner that does the job for you.

With today’s technology and innovation, you have vacuum cleaning for all intended purposes. You just need to decide what to get out of the various designs and features available.

Depending on your cleaning needs, you need to search for the vacuum cleaner that suits you best. Do you have a wall-to-wall carpet, or just lots of rugs, uprights, especially with a bag?

Or do you have lots of stairs with hardwood or laminate or tile floors and canisters? You have vacuum cleaners specified for all these purposes. We will discuss the types of vacuum cleaners along with its pros and cons to determine what suits your cleaning needs best.

Types of best vacuum for carpet to choose from:

Upright Vacuum Cleaner

This cleaner is the most popular and common type of cleaner you will find in everyday household. It’s usually suited for cleaning large areas and good for carpets, rugs and hard floors. With the single and dual-motor system, you could choose for either of them depending on the workload for the cleaner.

Some of the features of this cleaner are:

  • Brush on/off switch
  • Cleaner head height adjustment
  • Suction pressure control

Canister Vacuum Cleaner

Canister or cylinder vacuum cleaners are a two-part system, motor, and bag unit. The motor is usually mounted on wheels for maneuverability and has a head with a flexible hose. This cleaner can be used for indoor and outdoor cleaning too.

Due to its maneuverability and flexible head, you could reach tight spots with ease. So, you could clean furniture, car and drapes too. Its compact, so you could carry it anywhere depending on the need. It has all the features of an Upright cleaner but comes with more flexibility.

Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Stick Vacuum is a basic and compact cleaner which comes with a stick and motor with a brush. They are usually bag-less and cordless due to which it can be kept handy in case of emergencies. You need to clean something, and you got no time, this is the best cleaner suited for the job. Although, you will not be able to do heavy cleaning using this cleaner since its battery powered.

If you have multiple floors and top floor needs a quick dusting, you could use this cleaner and avoid the bigger, conventional cleaner to be used since it’s hard to carry them to the top floors.

Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

As the name says, a tiny version of vacuum cleaning used to clean small places like closets, upholstery, vents, blinds and car interiors. This is used for above the floor cleaning due to its limited usage and power.

Another use would be cleaning windowsills and spilling on the table in a jiffy. Easy to use and carry while you travel in case you need it for emergencies.

Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

This cleaner is what I’d like to call the high end yet limited cleaner. The only thing you need to do is set the schedule for this device and you are done. With sensors, it will avoid your furniture and stairs to do a quick cleaning of your carpets and hardwood alike.

This is ideal for people with busy schedule since you don’t have to lift a finger, but it needs to be cleaned on a periodic basis for it to work effectively. If a lot of dust settles at your house and needs daily quick clean, I’d recommend this type of vacuuming.

How to choose the best vacuum for carpet and what you need to consider?

We talked about various types of vacuum cleaners and its features. Now, let’s talk about how to buy the best one suited for you based on what factors you require.


Depending on your cleaning needs, the features you may require also vary. Basic features that any vacuum cleaner should have are:

  • Brush on/off switch
  • Suction pressure controller
  • Cleaner head height flexibility
  • Accessories and attachments
  • Storage procedures
  • Capacity

So, keeping these features in mind, you need to choose the one that is tailored to your cleaning needs.

How much budget do you have, or how much to have?

You always need to know how much you could afford for this equipment and what is the current market selling price. You are entitled to discount during festive sales and holidays. Keep an eye out for exclusive offers and discounts solicited through various channels.

Check for replacement and accessories cost too before you buy, since replacing bags and filters can become expensive over time. Try to find as many reviews on the product that you are willing to buy before you make any decision.

Since its a long-term investment, I would recommend you to think it over before you make your decision.

Keep an ear out for noise

How noisy can the cleaner be? I ask this question to myself when I buy a cleaner. Since you use it on a regular basis, you need to know everything about the product. If it makes too much noise and does the very little cleaning, it is not worth buying the cleaner.

You need to know how to choose a cleaner that makes less noise, the more noise it makes-the more cleaning does isn’t the case here.

Do you want a Bagged or Bag-less Vacuum Cleaner for carpet?

As per my knowledge, both options tend to do the desired job very well. However, there are subtle differences between the two types.

  • Bag-less designs are more convenient since you detach the container unit, remove the dust and attach it back.
  • There is no need to replace the bag from time to time for this design.
  • Compared to bagged, bag-less are quite expensive but it’s a onetime investment and you need not have to keep replacing bags.
  • You will be exposed to dirt and you need to wear protection before you clean the container. People with dust allergies aren’t recommended to clean them which is a negative for this model.
  • So, if you are prone to allergies and asthma, I’d recommend the bagged design since you will not be exposed to dust at any point during the dust removal from the equipment.
  • You need to know when to change the bag, not too soon but not too late either. If the bag is full, you are not cleaning anything until and unless you change it.
  • For the bagged version, you need not empty the bag by opening it. But it takes a lot of efforts in emptying the dust.
  • Bagged version is best suited for people who are allergic to dust or prone to allergies.
  • Depending on the type and design of the vacuum cleaner you buy, add-ons will be provided. If you opt-in for a basic model, you are limited to the attachments and add-ons you receive. However, if you opt-in for a top-tier model, you will receive sufficient attachments for every cleaning purpose.

You need not be too held up on these add-ons, if you have enough attachments to get the cleaning done for you, you should buy it.

Every model will have a basic set of add-ons which should be more than sufficient for your regular household cleaning.

But if you require more add-on options are looking for more convenience, then you can choose to go for the models that come with a lot of add-ons.

How to store the device when not in use?

Large-scale cleaners are usually stationary, and you cannot move them without proper machinery. However, the smaller ones are much easier to move around the household and can be stored easily when not in use.

You need to follow the standard procedure when the device is not in use for its durability. I would personally recommend Canister types over the Upright ones if you are using the cleaner all over the house due to its maneuverability and compact size. But if you are ok with the large cleaners given the longer cords they come with, then it is totally up to you.

Power saving and efficient

Check out for the efficiency of the machine since it’s a one-time long-term investment. You need to know that the machine runs efficiently, and it doesn’t waste power by the least if not saving power.

You need to check on the manufacturers note on the device or the manual to find this information. It is mandated by the manufacturer to provide this information for every model they make. By knowing this information, you could make a wise decision.

Looking for power-saving and efficient vacuum cleaners, not only helps you save on your electricity bills in the long run, but also helps in saving the power and energy.

Filtration system and does it meet the standards?

Does the cleaner have a filtration system? If yes, is it good enough to filter the air from dust allergen, pet hair, and pollen? HEPA filters fulfill all the standards specified and it’s used by all the leading manufacturers.

You would need to replace the filters on a regular basis, like say every 6 months. However, new innovations gave rise to reusable filter. You can clean and reuse the same filter for a set number of times before you need to replace them.

HEPA filters are the best choice for your health as well as you can use it without the fear of getting allergies. The normal filters do serve the purpose that they are built for, but do not help in preventing allergies to the much prone people.


So. this is it about the best vacuum for carpets. With all the information and points that we have discussed here, I hope you will find a suitable vacuum device that suits your needs best.

Numerous varieties of vacuum cleaners are available for you to choose from, but make sure that you find out all the features and equipment standard before you buy them.

Lastly, the pricing still depends on the store you buy it from or online and you could avail discount offers if any especially during the festive season.

We have also given a detailed review on few of the best vacuum cleaners in the market. You could try one of these and see how it works for you.

Investing in the best vacuum cleaner, not only saves you time and energy, but also helps in saving money in the long run. So, go for the best one based on your needs and budget, and keep your home and the carpeted floors clean all the time.

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