Best Rug Pads For Hardwood Floors Reviews & Guide (2020)


After hundreds of hours of research and testing, what kind of rug pad is safe for hardwood floors, it’s best to avoid vinyl and PVC rug pads altogether. The important when you chose a rug pad is to avoid having your rug too high off the floor.

For larger room size rugs with furniture surrounding them, a thicker all felt rug pad is just fine. Many rubber-mesh pads are also made with fillers like clay and sand, and you should never buy a rug pad made from PVC because it can stain or discolor floors. which can leave a powdery residue on the floor beneath your rugs, so it’s best to seek out pads made of 100% rubber.

Mohawk Home Dual Surface Felt and Latex Non Slip Rug Pad, 9’x12′

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This rug pad by Mohawk is a non-slip felt with rubberized backing and it no longer shifts and slides on hardwood floors when you walk quickly across the carpet, rubberized backing keeps the rug exactly where you place it, keeping it from creeping out of place with heavy traffic.

This pad certainly made the rug so plush to walk on, a must under your rugs to enhance your walking experience and protect your hardwood floors. This pad prevents any movement or slipping even when vacuuming.
Other benefits of a rug pad include noise absorption, easier vacuuming and an added layer of comfort between your feet and the hard floor beneath.

This is a 9′ x 12′ pad, but it can be trimmed to the size needed. I recommend trimming a pad at least 2″ smaller than the rug on all sides to prevent people from catching their toe on the edge of the rug. Besides, it’s highly recommended for ceramic tile floors.

RUGPADUSA, 8′ x 10’Non Slip Rug Pad

Does RUGPADUSA have safe for vinyl as well as safe for hardwood floors?

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Again, the PLASTICIZERS in the manufacturing process are the problem. RUGPADUSA is rug pad safe for vinyl and hardwood floors. They have created a pad using NON-reactive plasticizers with natural rubber backing stops rugs from sliding, bunching, and wrinkling in high traffic areas. No glues, PVC, or non-stick adhesives. Safe to use with hardwood, laminate, stone, tile, vinyl and more.

If you having a rug without a proper pad underneath on hardwood floor will eventually discolor and damage the finish of your hardwood floors. This rug pad does not contain chemicals or a scratchy backing that will damage your floors over time.

Carpenter, 8’x10′ Spillguard DuPont Barrier Rug Pad

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With the thin plastic coating on the pad and Spillguard moisture barrier prevents spills solved that problem. If your home has a dog, it will protect the floor in case your dog had an emergency. It made the new rug warmer feeling, and a lot softer more, help insulate the floor a bit and take the edge off the coldness underfoot and prevent the rug from scratching up your brand new flooring. It does not have a non-slip backing, not recommended for keeping rugs in place so I would recommend buying the double-sided tape so that when you vacuum, it stays in place.

Gorilla Grip Original Area Rug Gripper Pad, 2.5×9

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Are the best choices for area rug pads? I have rugs over hardwood laminate flooring. The rugs would slide from people walking on them or the dogs running around on them. But with its 0.25-inch thick and non-slip rubber, it acts as an underfoot cushion that simultaneously works to prevent slippages Gorilla Grip Original Area Rug Gripper Pad works perfectly from stopping that from happening!

Not only that, but the Gorilla Grip is noise-canceling and resistant to mold and mildew. Since it’s made from recyclable materials, it’s eco-friendly and is hypoallergenic as well. It’s made with a combo of felt and rubber for the ideal balance of both. It has extra thick cushioning, so it’s softer and makes the rug more comfortable.

According to the manufacturer, installing this rubber rug pad will not leave a mark on hardwood floors. Plus, it doesn’t come with any bumps or bunches since it’s neatly rolled before shipping. And, it actually comes with 20-year manufacturer warranty!

Rug Pad USA, Natural Rubber Non-Slip Rug Pads

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I purchased this product because I want to protect my hardwood floors. This rug pad provides great grip under an area rug, no odor and easy to cut to length. Carpet does not slip or move once the pad is placed. I like that the pad is very thin and can be easily cut to fit the size of my runners.

Used excess under a reclining chair that was sliding on a hardwood floor because of the felt pads you use to protect the wood. Eco-friendly with jute fibers with a natural rubber coating for non-slip manufactured here in the USA and 20-year warranty! I recommend these if you have hardwood, ceramic, vinyl, etc. The place really needed the extra grip.

GRIP MASTER 2X 6 x 9 for Hard Surface Floors

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It is easy to use, protects the floor, keeps the rug secure and doesn’t leave sticky residue on the floor. The GRIP MASTER rug pad is designed to help keep your area rugs secure on hard surfaces. Helps to reduce slipping and bunching. Also works great for slipping futon, couch cushions, and mattresses. The 8′ x 10′ Grip Master is thicker and much easier to place and works very well with tile or other stone floorings.

It’s twice as thick as its competitors and this helps to improve the level of comfort and protection that it provides. The Grip Master provides an ideal solution to anyone that wants to create a solid foundation for their hardwood floors. If you have hardwood floors with many area rugs and pets in the kitchen, this rug pad is a great choice for you!

DoubleCheck Products Non Slip Rug Pad Size 8 X 10

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We have laminate floors throughout our home including the kitchen and this is a great rug pad to help keep a rug from sliding. It was easy to adjust yet once I placed my rug on top of it, there was no more sliding off the rug on my hardwood floors.

Keeps rugs in place and prevents bunching and sliding while children or pets are playing or just during normal daily use makes vacuuming easier protects floor surfaces and provides extra cushioning and comfort.

Ninja Brand Gripper Rug Pad, Size 8 Feet x 10 Feet

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Ninja Brand Gripper keep rug from slipping on the wood floor because it creates a resilient foundation, a rug pad helps preserve the pile of a rug and reduces wear and tear. In addition, the open weave design of this rug pad allows for easy vacuuming and helps to prevent the buildup of dust, mold, and odors.

To trim the pad, here’s what I would recommend: Flip your rug upside down, place the pad over the rug, aligning two sides so that the excess pad hangs over the edge of the rug, then use a utility knife to gently cut through the pad about 1″ from the edge.

To secure the pad to the rug you can use duct tape rolled into a loop so that it adheres to both the rug and the pad. Perfect for my area rug. It can still be adjusted if needed but it stays in place nicely too. It is very thin, but I wasn’t looking for much by way of padding.

8’x10′ Durahold Plus Felt and Rubber Rug Pad for Hard Floors

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We’ve been using the Durahold pad under a rug in my entryway and it’s one of the best rug pads I’ve owned. Even in a high-traffic area, it rarely shifts around on the floor, and it holds my rug securely in place.

Plus, the thick cushioning feels great to walk on. Excellent rug pad for our carpet in the dining room. Holds carpet firmly on the hardwood floor.

At ⅓ inch thick, the Durahold holds on to both the rug and the floor better, thanks to heat-pressed diamond-shaped grooves on the top and firm rubber on the bottom. This design makes it especially good for high-traffic areas, or if you have pets or kids who like to move rugs around.

The Durahold’s denser felt will also hold up better to wear than our main pick’s and won’t flatten out with use. This pad comes in many sizes and costs roughly twice as much as the Mohawk rug pad and which offers a 10-year warranty.

Epica Super-Grip Non-Slip Area Rug Pad 5 x 8

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Area rugs are a great flooring option in living spaces where there is hardwood or tile flooring. This Epica pad is terrific for its non-slip honeycomb design! Epica super grip rubber rug pad is the only non-slip pad which designed with open-square physics to provide excellent gripping with hardwood floors.

This thick rug pad is an eco-friendly, long-lasting, and easy to install solution for slipping of carpets on hard surface floors. And it is thick enough that you will notice a huge difference when walking or sitting down on it, without it being bulky. This sturdy long lasting gripping rug pad can keep the carpets steady to provide safe walking to you, your family, and your guests.

Do you need a pad under an area rug on hardwood floors?

That right, rugs pad can move or slide around on a wood floor and cause scratching due to different types and coarseness of rug backings as well as the grit, dust, and dirt trapped beneath the rug. Thus, it is recommended that a pad be placed under area rugs to protect the wood floor.

Non-slip pads are best for high-traffic areas such as foyers and hallways, where thin rugs and runners are prone to slipping and sliding. Should you decide you need a degree of both grip and cushioning, opt for a felt and rubber pad.

Prevents scratches from the area rug that can ruin your hardwood floors as well as laminate and vinyls. Prolongs the floor’s finish and avoids carpet bleed through.

How do you clean a large area rug on hardwood floors?

All our rug pads can be cleaned. All rug and carpet pads should be hand washed. They will not bleed color if you get your rugs steam cleaned. For Felt & Rubber rug pads, you can wipe down the rubber backing and vacuum the felt surface. Dirt is the #1 cause of rug degradation so keep those rugs clean! We do not recommend you put any rubber or felt products in the washer or dryer.

Are PVC rug pads safe for hardwood floors?

No, PVC pads are not recommended for use over hardwood floors. Synthetic Latex is a satisfactory option for short-term use but will cost more in the long term due to replacements. Natural Rubber is a great eco-friendly choice with great performance and suitable for any size rugs.

Most of the rug pads on the market are made with low quality plastics that contain toxic chemicals that can react with your wood floor finishes. These pads are made designed “stick” to your floors in order to keep your rugs in place.

However, over long periods of time, the plasticizers used in these types of pads can react with the finishes on your floors – which can adhere to or permanently stain your floors. Most of these imported PVC pads usually don’t have a warranty and contain some type of disclaimer of some sort, removing the manufacturer of any floor damage liability. They often provide a short term solution that may have long term consequences.

Do latex or rubber-backed rugs really damage wood floors?

Yes, the reason is rubber, vinyl, and latex backings have a product added to them to make them flexible. These additives are called “plasticizers”. These plasticizers have CHEMICAL reactions to the finishes applied to wood. Urethane/Polyurethane are petroleum products. Plasticizers are petroleum products. They react to one another at a chemical level.

These chemical reactions will leave both a dark brown/gold stain and a rough/sticky surface underneath…almost as if one melted into the other. Which is exactly what happened. Rug pads, such as ‘Rug Pad USA’, are allowed over hardwood because they are material based like felt rather than petroleum-based.

And you can find rugs that are “Safe For Use with Hardwood Floors”. In conclusion, Felt Pads offers additional comfort but is only suitable for larger area rugs due to the lack of grip. The Hybrid Felt/Rubber will offer the best performance at the highest cost for those looking to match high-end rugs with equally high-end padding.

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